Coronavirus has taken the worldby the speed of the storm. It has devastated many and left of hollow feeling inside the heart of acommon man. The discovery of covid-19 vaccine has shown a ray of hope to humanity. But, many questions remain unanswered in the minds of  young women trying to conceive through IVF.

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Dr.Sowjanya, is the best IVF doctor in Noida and is a renowned  infertility specialist in Noida. She has the best IVF Centre in Ghaziabad too. She has thrown light on the most pressing issues of IVF, in the age of covid-19, for current patients and people planning to benefit from IVF treatment. She is relentlessly providing IVF treatment in Noida also.

IVF treatment is a long term goal for any couple and both the partners are invested physically, mentally and financially in this process. Every passing day seems like a step away from their dream of conceiving.

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IVF is a team approach requiring involvement of anesthetists, embryologist, IVF specialist and nurses. According to the directives of ICMR, all the elective procedures which can be postponed,should be avoided. Infertility is not fatal and its treatment can be prolonged by sometime. The risk of exposure to the coronavirus increases many a times with multiple hospital visits. If any uncertain situation arises and calls for a medical emergency, the resources available at many Health Care Centers, are now compromised in COVID times. One must always think of doing an elective treatment with the availability of all the resources at their disposal. If you are at a stage where your embryo has already been formed and it has been kept on hold, in case of frozen embryos, then delaying the procedure by a few months would be beneficial. Even a simple pregnancy during COVID times is considered as a high risk pregnancy and is advised by many doctors, to avoid if possible. In IVF, especially egg pick up and embryo transfer, must be delayed due to the Corona virus pandemic. Other infertility treatments like ovulation induction and IUI also do not fit into the norms of social distancing and therefore should be avoided.

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These treatments may have to be put on a hold till a plateau is seen in the graph of exponentially rising number of cases per day de in India. Staying positive can change a lot. Reduced stress levels can turn tables magically in your favour. Sticking to a routine, following an exercising and consuming balanced diet should not be neglected. These things often lay down a strong foundation for a healthy uterus. Try to involve your partner in your daily exercise to keep it interesting, not to mention the health benefits for him as well. Schedule an online appointment with Dr. Sowjanya, if you have any queries or doubts or if you want more information related to IVF treatment. Feel free to contact the best test tube baby center in Noida today itself.

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