Have you been thinking that this pandemic time is the best time for you to conceive and get pregnant?

Dr. Sowjanya, the best IVF doctor in Delhi, having the best fertility center in Delhi, throws light on common myths, troubling the minds of childless couples. She ranks among the top IVF doctors in Delhi and owns the best  fertility center in Delhi too.

best IVF doctor in Delhi

  1. How can you minimize the risk while visiting your IVF specialist?
  • Always pre-book your appointment.
  • If the waiting room is crowded leave immediately.
  • Always prefer tele-diagnostic consultation whenever possible.
  • Ask to supporting staff if the room has been sanitized after the previous patient has left.
  • Call up the front desk of the clinic, once you arrive at the place so that social distancing norms are not violated.
  • Check if hand sanitization, surface sanitization, wearing of masks, temperature screening etc. is followed at the clinic.
  • Ask the doctor about air purifying methods used to curb the virus transfer is the clinic, especially in cases of egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

 Can a patient undergoing IVF treatment get vaccinated for covid-19?

best fertility center in Delhi

As per the government directives, all people seeking assisted reproductive therapy, can safely get vaccinated. This vaccine is safe for people who are at any stage of IVF be it egg retrieval, embryo implantation or even ICSI.

 Will covid vaccine affect my fertility?

The covid-19 myth stories, have been revolving around like a wildfire on social media networks. Research has shown a similarity between a viral component of the vaccine and a protein found in the placenta. Just this similarity gave rise to this myth that the vaccine affects the fertility of the ones planning their pregnancy.

Should IVF treatment be avoided for a period of sometime after getting vaccinated?

There is no waiting period after getting vaccinated to commence with IVF treatment.

Will vaccination alter my egg production or affect the sperm count of my partner?

top IVF doctors in Delhi

Covid-19 vaccine does not have any studied side effects on the number and quality of the eggs produced. It does not even alter the sperm count or the motility of the sperm.

So the bottom line remains, do not keep postponing your vaccination at any cost because of the fear of losing your fertility. The health system has considered all the permutations and combinations of the population and then devised out this vaccine. Thus, making it safe in groups of younger men and women trying to persur parenthood.

Dr.Soujanyas center has new covid-19 norms followed in her center which stops the spread of coronavirus, to thepatients under her care. To have further insight, on the safety of IVF during COVID-19, feel free to call Dr. Sowjanya, the best doctor for infertility treatment in Delhi.

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