Doubts that cross every couples mind before an IVF treatment

Are you planning to commence with your IVF treatment and have tones of doubts?

Our expert Dr. Sowjanya, the best IVF specialist in Delhi, answers all the basic questions that commonly come in the minds of an every IVF beginner. She is also the best IUI doctor in Delhi. Her success stories at the  best infertility center in Delhi, speak volumes about her work.

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How is the success rate of IVF determined?

The success of IVF is determined on the basis of a number of factors. It will also determine the number of cycles you will require.

  1. Age is the prime factor which governs this process. Lesser the age of the woman, higher is the success rate. As the age advances, at about 35 years, the quality and number of eggs produced, diminishes. Thus, reducing your chances to conceive. A few known injections like gonadotropins can be used to increase the quality and the number of eggs.
  2. A large number of sperms with a few highly motile sperms swimming in a forward direction, is a prerequisite for or a successful IVF treatment.
  3. Hostility of the uterus might not allow the successful implantation of the embryo, created in the lab. Any disorders of the uterus can be detected by hysteroscopy, to rule out the defects of the endometrium.
  4. Fertilization rate can be accelerated by using techniques like ICSI and PICSI, when the quality of eggs and sperm is good.

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A few good labs and IVF centers might have blastocyst culture facility with them. It is advanced method in which the embryo is allowed to develop for a little longer time in the lab. As the embryo grows to a blastocyst stage, it is then implanted inside the uterus. This increases that implantation success thereby contributing to the success of IVF.

  1. Also, reduction in the stress level can dramatically show an increase in the chances of you becoming successful in this treatment. After implantation, taking proper rest and keeping the stress level low is a must.

How can the cost of IVF be reduced?

The cost of IVF can be a little on the higher side for many families. But at the same time 27.5 couples in India are opting this treatment for getting their bundle of joy. If the eggs obtained in the first cycle, are diagnosed to be of good quality, one can think of freezing those eggs for further cycles in case the first cycle fails. Likewise good quality embryos can also be frozen after fertilization. This preparation of future IVF cycles can help you save a lot of bucks, as you might not have to undergo the entire repeat treatment.

Does IVF mean twin pregnancy?

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The twinning rate of IVF is 30- 35%

After good quality eggs are selected for fertilization they are mated with sperm in a dish. Embryo, is the initial stage of these fertilized eggs. Very few embryos advance to sustain till the blastocyst stage which develop in after incubation. After that, you are provided with the option of double embryo transfer inside the uterus or a single embryo transfer. No expert IVF specialist or embryologist can predict the success of one embryo two embryos or getting implanted in the uterus. Likewise, both the embryos can fail to adhere to the walls of the uterus. If twin pregnancy occurs, it has a risk associated with it like premature delivery& under weight babies.

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